Friday, January 27, 2006

Comics In My Future For March 2006 (conclusion)

Continuing with my March DCBS order:

X-Statix Presents Dead Girl #3

Spider-Girl #96
Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane #4
The pessimist in me keeps me buying these comics. We don’t have any kids, but even if we have a child in the next year, I don’t have any assurance that comics will be printed in the traditional format within the next five, let alone that there will be any comics from the Big 2 that are child-safe or that would appeal to a little girl. I also read these and will miss Spider-Girl when issue #100, its last, comes out. I likeMary Jane too, and I admire it for basically being a teen drama with Spider-Man in a supporting role.

Apart for Squadron Supreme #1
I’m giving it a chance even though I’ve been caring less and less about this title as it petered to an end as a Max title. Unless something makes it stand out, this could be gone before the first arc is completed.

Captain America #16
Captain America 65th Anniversary Special
I’ll still lukewarm about Captain America (and I may be the only person who no great feeling about the title who wasn’t angry about “Winter Soldier”), but I’ll stay with it for a little while longer. Since Miller crushed the joy out of Daredevil and he can’t fill the role, I wouldn’t mind a Cap title that was just bounding with the energy it had forty years ago when it shared space with Iron Man in Tales of Suspense.

Fantastic Four #536
Someday, Karl Kesel will get the full-time writing gig on this title, but until then I’ll bide my time reading about child services trying to take the kids from Reed and Sue.

I (Heart) Marvel: Masked Intentions
I still don’t understand the point of these I • Marvel comics, but they look fun and the daughter who is just a twinkle in my eye, might like them.

Iron Man #6
Wow, a monthly Iron Man mini-series that will end before the one-year mark.

Marvel Team-Up #18
I think this isn’t selling better because the stories actually move along and that confuses people. Robert Kirkman has to start writing multiple talking-head scenes that fill up space and don’t move the story.

Marvel Adventure Spider-Man #13
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #10
If you read interviews with fans from that time, the Silver Age Marvel comics written by Stan Lee were then considered suitable for adults and daring. Now, stories told the exact same way are appropriate for children in a way current Marvel comics apparently are not. There are a couple of problems in that scenario that I think are part of the reason comic book circulation isn’t any better.

New Avengers #17
New Magnaverse #3
Nick Fury’s Howling Commandos #6
Pulse #14
I bash Bendis because I love and I don’t think I’ll be buying this any more after he leaves with this issue.

She-Hulk 2 #6
Thing #5
Thunderbolts #100
Young Avengers #11
Ultimate Extinction #11
I cannot believe I’ve stayed with this since the story began in Ultimate Secret five hundred years ago, but I’m stubborn that way.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #28
I’m loving the stories and as individual pictures, I enjoy Greg Land’s art. However, can anyone honestly say with a straight face that the art is nothing more than a series of models posing? I’ve never been one to care one way or the other about how women are drawn in comic books, but even though Land understands anatomy better than other artists, he still shows the lack of common sense when it comes to clothing female characters poorer artists showed in the ninties. Look at the cover for this issue below.

If Reed Richards is the smartest man on earth, why the hell would he let his girlfriend go out to do battle with the Super Skrull in a halter and open jacket? You can’t even use the old “distraction” excuse because one would think that mammalian secondary sexual characteristics would mean nothing to a reptile. I don't care if she can create invisible force fields, even in a tank, you where your helmet.

Ultimate Spider-Man #s 91 and 92
I have a love/hate relationship with this comic. I find it very slow and it reads way too fast, but then every once in while something happens, like Peter dating Kitty Pryde, that makes it worthwhile. More than any other Spider-Man title, this is the one where Peter should tell his aunt about Spider-Man and it is frustrating that he doesn’t. Still, Bendis and Bagley, long ago, said they wanted to stay on this title as long as Lee and Kirby stayed on Fantastic Four, which means, barring something amazing, come #103, I’ll drop this title.

Powers #18
Still the comic that Bendis writes that I enjoy the most and the letters page never fails to make me laugh hard.

Marvel Masterworks Golden Age Marvel Comics, vol 2.
After playing a far second when it comes to reprinting its past, Marvel has come on strongly with its latest reprints of its Golden Age material. Unlike DC, Marvel took a chance and reprinted complete original comics, not just the stories of individual characters. Thank you, Marvel.

And The Rest
Victoria’s Secret Service #4
This comic is what I thought it was going to be—for some reason I thought it was going to focus on a group of female secret agents who worked for Queen Victoria—but the first few issues have been inoffensive, so I’ll at least finish the first story arc.

Bongo Comics
Simpsons Comics #116
Futurama Comics #24

Boom! Studios
Hero Squared Ongoing #1
I hope “Ongoing” is going to be an ongoing part of the title.

Gemstone Publishing
Donald Duck and Friends #338
Mickey Mouse and Friends #287
Uncle Scrooge #352
Walt Disney Comics & Stories #667

Heroic Publishing
Flare #33
Roy Thomas’ Anthem #2
Roy Thomas writing a comic set during World War II. I hope he’s done enough research on the era.

MR Comics
Big Max #1
If you can only buy one comic book featuring a super-powered gorilla, it might as well be the one written by Dan Slott.

Revolution on the Planet of the Apes #4

Speakeasy Comics
Black Coat: Call to Arms #1
What was the last comic book you bought that was set during the pre-American Revolution America?

Kingdom Hearts, vol. 3

Comic related items
Action Figures
From DC Direct, the Manhunter Robot and Saalak Green Lanternaction figures

Back Issue #15
TwoMorrows published this and Alter Ego are two of the best comic history magazines around. I’d order Alter Ego if I wasn’t already a subscriber.

The Ultimates: Tomorrow Men

Here endth the March order.