Monday, January 09, 2006

A Cat Tale

Ya see, we own cats. I never wanted cats and would have been happy with just some feeder goldfish in an aerated tank. However, my wife wanted a "real" pet, since she grew up in a home where animals weren't looked on as companions, so we got a cat. From that one cat we expanded to owning six cats, which is where we stand now.

Before I owned a cat, I didn't like them. That was truly a prejudice born from ignorance. They have more personality than I had expected and not as aloof as a non-cat owner would think. I admit that they don't listen and it is a rare cat that recognizes his or her name, but I'm glad we have them.

There is a site called Kitten War. As may be divined from the title, the site allows kittens to "fight" over who is the cutest: Pictures are presented of two kittens and you are supposed to choose which you think is cutest. After looking at the site for a while, we submitted pictures of the new cats from two-and-a-half years ago. Only one was accepted and it can be viewed here. (Kemper is the upside down one.) If you want to decide a battle or two, scroll down to and then click on "Start a new kitten battle!" I'll warn you, the site can eat up your time.

If you want to see something that only a cat owner has ever seen before, go here, but you've been warned. It is as equally a captivating time waster.