Thursday, January 26, 2006

Comics In My Future for March 2006

I'm taking a break from comics that changed my life by inserting another series of posts. Because I get all my comics at the end of the month they are released, I don’t have the luxury of talking about them when they are released. However, with my January order due in to DCBS in a couple of days, I can at least discuss that in a timely manner. As of now, here’s the order that I'll be placing:

Dark Horse

A very slim month for Dark Horse from me, but most of their books don’t really interest me. I’d been buying the Little Lulu trades and enjoying them, but unemployment has forced me to make some choices, so Lulu was one of the titles that went.

Hellboy Makoma #2


“One Year Later” starts with this month and I’m adding some titles. However, it isn't because I'm interested in how OYL has changed them, but rather because there are books I’ve wanted to read (or start reading again) but the creative teams weren’t doing anything to make the books appealing.

Batman #651
Detective Comics #817
Apart for Batman Strikes! I haven’t made an effort to buy an ongoing Bat-title in a long time; I just can’t respect the Batjerk DC has been allowing into print since the early nineties. However, with James Robinson writing both titles for three issues (and Paul Dini scheduled to take over Detective after Robinson) I guess I’ll be back, but carefully. The first time Batman treats a peer as a lesser, uses body blows as a substitute for detective work, or can’t see past the border of Gotham City, I’m dropping both titles.

Batman Annual #25
I’ll get it because I’m a sucker for annuals. In the eighties, the only time I ever bothered with some books was when I bought the annual. However, Judd Winick writing anything but his Barry Ween character scares me, because I know that all too soon, HIV will enter some character’s life and Winick will be on his soap box again.

All Star Superman #3
Take Frank Miller’s crapfest that is his version of Batman (apart from what he did in The Dark Knight Returns #2, divide it into the number one, and you have an idea of how much I enjoy this comic.

Superman #650
Action Comics #837
With Kurt Busiek and Geoff Johns, I have to think (hope) the stories will be more about Superman and less about Lois Lane’s bitchiness/randiness. However, I can only hope that Pete Woods’s art is a match since I’ve never seen it.

Supergirl #7
I have to admit that I haven’t liked Loeb’s writing on this book—in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever liked his writing—but I’m not sure Greg Rucka would have been my go-to guy here. My first choice would have been Gail Simone. I’m not crazy about Ian Churchill’s art, either. I’ll give this one a chance, but it’ll probably be among the first to go.

Superman/Batman #25
Thank you, Jebus! Jeph Loeb is finished writing this comic book and I hope he is taking “Lantern Jaw” Ed McGuinness with him. I don’t remember who is taking over the writing, but I hope whoever it is either does away with the internal dialog captions or has Superman and Batman admit their love. I really hate those captions.

Showcase Presents The Superman Family, vol. 1.
I bet I have at least half of the stories in this book in other reprint collections, but even at full price it is worth to read even one classic Jimmy Olsen story I don't own.

Superman Archives, vol. 7
Money is tight and I should pass this up, but the stories in this series have been getting better, so what the hell.

Infinite Crisis #6
I might as well see where this is heading; plus, I’m a sucker for the damn thing. If only the problems that were seething below the surface of the DCU hadn’t had to come to a head because of Identity Crisis.

Omac Project Identity Crisis Special
Aquaman Sword of Atlantis
Buying it for Busiek; I’ll see if I buy into the concept as a whole and stick around.

Birds of Prey #92
If only the Dodsons did more than the cover art for this comic.

Blood of the Demon #13
Green Lantern #10
Hawkgirl #50
I stopped buying Hawkman long ago, but the creative team of Walt Simonson and Howard Chaykin intrigues me enough to give the “OYL” version a try.

Manhunter #20
JLA Classified #s 18 & 19
JSA #83
Even if I wasn’t already pledged to buy this until the day I die, I’d have to buy it to see if Paul Levitz still has his writing chops.

JSA Classified #10
Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #16
A book I’ve been getting, but I have to admit that the “Supergirl” portion of the title has me excited just because it harkens back to the good old, pre-Crisis On Infinite Earths days of SuperBOY and the Legion of Super-Heroes

Even with Barry Kitson drawing it, I still don't like this version of Supergirl's costume.
Showcase Presents Teen Titans, vol. 1
Teen Titans #34
Seven Soldiers: Bulleteer #4
Seven Soldiers: Frankenstein #4
Seven Soldiers: Mr. Miracle #4
I have to admit Grant Morrison’s pulled Seven Soldiers off so far while staying coherent. I didn’t think he’d do it.

Spirit Archives, vol. 18
The American Way #2
Desolation Jones #6
Ex Machina #20
Fables #47
Y, the Last Man #43
The best news I read this week is that this series has a definite ending around issue #60. Good. I don’t hate it, but it is becoming boring and I would have considered dropping it. Actually, a new story begins in this issue; maybe I will drop it and wait for the trade, even if trade collections go against everything that is good and pure about comics.

The Batman Strikes #19
Teen Titans Go! #29
Cartoon Network’s canceling of this show was really dumb, but understandable. CN needs the time to show such classic cartoon features as Snow Day.

Justice League Unlimited #19
Would that the mainstream DCU be half as intriguing as this cover or half as fun as this comic book in general post-Infinite Crisis.


Truth, Justin, and the American Way #1
Gun Fu trade paperback
I missed this the first time around and the description in Previews makes it sound like fun.

Retro Rocket #1
I’m a sucker for giant robots and clean art. Shoot me.

PVP #25
And I’m a sucker for comic books that are funny.

Fear Agent #6
Girls #11
You know, I didn’t like this comic’s first issue; I thought it was going to be another “relationship” comic like the brothers Lunas’Ultra had been. Boy, was I wrong. This is a creepy science fiction mystery that I really surprises me and I am looking to see where the characters will be when the story is told. ABC’s Invasion should be this good.

I never thought I’d say this, but I am actually enjoying something Joe Casey is writing. I guess a hundred million miracles do happen every day.

The Intimidators #4
Savage Dragon #124

Tomorrow, the rest of the order.