Wednesday, July 06, 2005

If nothing else, law school was worthwhile because the big two legal search companies allowed me to earn points each time I used their products that I could apply to free stuff. One of the items I chose was the LEGO Star Wars video game. This game is fantastic, true to the spirit and story of episodes I, II, and III while still allowing itself to be playful. Would that Star Wars fans themselves, the ones who expect the series to mature with them, the ones who don't seem to appreciate that children today should be allowed to enjoy Star Wars on their level as the fans did when they were children, could allow themselves and the films this same attitude.

In the game you are literally playing Lego characters. The designers of the game took the little Lego people you see with the toys and animated them in a Lego Star Wars universe. The ships are Lego, the plants are Lego, and when a character dies, it breaks apart into its individual block. Mace Windu, the character Samuel L. Jackson plays, is bald and his Lego character has the little round Lego connector smack in the middle of his head. This is Lego brought to life and incredibly fun, if not overly challenging. This is a kid's game that adults can enjoy. Hopefully, there will be a sequel that gives episodes IV, V, and VI the same treatment and maintains the same attitude of fun. If you have a high speed connection, the trailer can be downloaded from here. If you like that, a demo of the first level can be downloaded from here.