Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tiny Titans May Have Legs

Well, of course, they'd have to for all their running around and daring-do, but that is neither here nor there.

I've already said my piece over what at first appeared to be the cancellation of Justice League Unlimited and Teen Titans Go! in favor of new kid-centric comics. Titans Go! received a reprieve, and hopefully JLU will, too. I bring this up because the first comic of the revamped kids line is being solicited for February 2008. I've long enjoyed Art Baltazar's & Franco's work on Patrick the Wolf Boy and I have high hopes for this comic. Somebody at DC must have faith in Tiny Titans as it made the back cover of the latest Previews.

Maybe that person is right, because when I showed the cover to my one-year-old daughter, first she smiled and then she cried when she couldn't have Previews. I'd have bought a copy of this anyway, first to read and then put away for her when she is older, but now I think I'll buy two copies, one to read and save and one for her to eventually destroy as she looks through it.