Thursday, September 13, 2007

Background on One Month Later (OML) Comments

As I've mentioned previously, I get a Big Box o' Comics® twelve times a year box. In other words, once a month, a month after most everyone else has read the comics found therein. That doesn't mean that what I think about some of the comics I read isn't as important as what anyone else thinks, my comments just aren't as timely.

In my next post, hopefully up today, too (all I do is write for a living, so you'd think writing in general would come easier, but it doesn't) there'll be a list of comics I've read as of Sept. 7. The comics are listed in the order I read them. I am not of the immediate gratification generation, unlike how most of the comic-reading world appears to read their comics, I save those comics that I think are the best and/or I've looked forward to reading for last.

Yes, I actually put the comics in order of desired readability. It is part of the process, like swimming through the piles of comic books like a dolphin or throwing them in the air and letting them hit me on the head, but I digress. However, not only do I order the comics by desired readability, but I order them by readability within three categories:

Category A.: Primarily reserved for comics that disappoint me. If I haven't already stopped ordering them from DCBS, I will be shortly. I also put new titles or titles I'm trying for the first time here. If I like a title, it gets moved to Category C the next month; if I don't, it stays here until its time is up.

Category B.: Reserved for "kid" comic books. Since the early 1990s, long before I was married, let alone before I had a child, I've bought comic books that I thought were suitable for kids, mainly because I saw that the mainstream titles were not going to be kid friendly anymore. I've yet to put a comic in this category that I haven't really enjoyed and the order here, except for a select few titles, is pretty random.

Category C.: The best of what I think are some if the best comic books being published.

And you know what, I sometimes get as much enjoyment out of separating the comics as I do from looking through Previews. The sad think is that I often enjoy looking through Previews than I do some of the comics themselves.