Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Kind of Back

The cast/splint is off and the stitches are off. I have some mobility in my left arm again, though two-handed typing is still pretty much a desire rather than an actuality. As such, I guess I'll be updating on a less than daily basis for awhile, much to by chagrin. On the other hand, there is a marked improvement in my left arm, i.e. the constant tingling/constricting/burning/aching is nearly gone. As of now, all that remains is a tingling numbness in the little finger and left half of the ring finger and even then the sensation occurs with touch. In fact, my arm is so much better that I want to have the operation on my right arm. Besides, if there a better time to have one's dominant hand encumbered then when unemployed, I don't know of it.

Anyway, to return partially to comics, in late January I wrote about some new action figures being released by ToyBiz this year. Since then ToyFair has come and gone and while I am high on some things being released, I have decidely cooled on others. For instance, just seeing the Young Avengers figures displayed has convinced me that that is twenty-some dollars I can spend elsewhere. Take a look and see if you don't agree, at least esthetically. I can't fault you for wanting to buy them because you like the characters.