Thursday, September 08, 2005

A Little Levity, As Such

On the Al Franken Show blog, the "Finding or Looting" game was posted by Eric Hananoki. The questions are based on photos posted on Wikipedia, so if you need help answering, click on this link. If you take the
quiz, the answers may be found here.

1. When Oprah Winfrey ____ a dollar lying on the street, she gave it to a homeless man.

2. Of the 10,000 people arrested in conjunction with the 1992 Los Angeles riots, about 44% were Hispanic. 42% were African-American ____-ers, while 9% were white ____-ers.

3. Following the death of Emperor Valentinian III in 455, the Vandals invaded and extensively ____ the city of Rome.

4. Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska, chair of the Appropriations Committee, ____ $230 million in taxpayer money to pay for a bridge to an essentially uninhabited island in Alaska.

5. Tiger Woods ____ four golf balls from the rough at St. Andrews.

6. In his novel The Human Stain, Phillip Roth writes about a classics professor who passes as a white man but turns out to be black. Some have said Roth ____ the novel on the real-life story of New York Times book critic Anatole Broyard.

7. On its way into Baghdad in the spring of 2003, Achmed Chalabi’s militia indulged in some ____-ing.

8. Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell through a brick through the window of a Circuit City and ____ a sixty-inch plasma TV.