Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Iraq comment

Solo # 5, p. 28
Solo # 5, p. 28,
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When I received Solo #5 last month, I was prepared for an enjoyable comic since it was by Darwyn Cooke, a writer/artist whose work slipped under my radar until I read the recent mini-series, DC: The New Frontier. The comic was everything I thought it was, though I wouldn't necessarily recommend it as someone's first comic since it may be a little continuity heavy. (Actually, it isn't, but because names are dropped without context, I could see some people thinking they are missing something.)

Anyway, on page 28, out of the blue, but not out of bounds, is a replay of many a speech I've heard from healthy people flush with success, safe at home, the new version of the chickenhawks of the Vietnam era. Unless you've been in the military, honestly in with an honest chance of being sent into combat, I don't think you have a leg to stand on regarding "acceptable loses."

Best of all is Slam Bradley's response and it is one that I wish I had thought of when the necessity of this war has come up.